What is Blog Curation & Why Use it?

Getting rankings and traffic is the challenge for anyone trying to sell online.  Almost all SEO relies on spamming techniques and strategies to get links and rankings.  Given the recent wave of Google de-indexing with Panda 3.2 and now Penguin; there is huge demand for a new solution that is white hat and designed to last for a long time.

Instead of playing Google – Curation works by Google’s rules to get huge rankings for competitive keywords.  This method and software enables you to curate multiple blogs remotely and create whole empires of followers and traffic generating websites for passive income or to sell.

Curation is a dominating technique to create authority sites for bloggers, SEO experts, niche and site builders and anyone attempting to make money online. This is evident by the sale and values of these popular and well known sites:

DrudgeReport: $30 million per year revenue.

PerezHilton: estimated worth $32 million

HuffingtonPost: sold to by AOL for $315 million plus

What do all these sites have in common? NONE of their own content, it was all curated.
Check it out for yourself.


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